Pilates is a key component of a well-rounded fitness program. No matter your fitness background, you will improve posture, body alignment and achieve an optimum core workout – whether you take a group mat class online or work one-on-one online or on the Reformer at the studio in West Concord, MA.

My approach, both on the mat, the Reformer and Ladder Barrel, is to incorporate a deep warm-up coupled with keen attention to your individual movement pattern.

Utilizing a few simple tools like Joe’s Magic Circle, small balls and the TheraBand, or what you may already have at home, like chairs, hand weights, broom sticks or bathrobe belts, we can creatively facilitate deeper stretches and better articulation of the spine. This attention to detail is the also the focus of my one-on-one sessions.

Online Beginner & Beginner with Props

We all need an exercise routine to warm up our muscles for activity and connect with our body. If you have been sedentary or restricted in movement after an injury, this class is for you. The Pilates Beginner mat work is highly modifiable and I offer more difficult options with every class. If you are unsure where to start, just connect with me.

Beginner with Props are usually taught using the Pilates ring (Magic Circle), TheraBand, and balls. For those who do not have these at home, we use a chair, belts, small weights, and broomsticks (YES!!!).

Who is it good for?

  • Seniors
  • Starting again after injury
  • Never tried Pilates before
  • Connecting deeply in slower movements
  • Presenters


  • M: 10 am – Beginner Mat
  • Tu: 10 am – Beginner Mat – plus exercise ball or chair
  • Th: 10 am – Beginner Mat – Small weights (3-5 lbs.) optional
  • F: 10 am – Beginner Mat



Online Intermediate

Intermediate Pilates Class
The Intermediate work out includes more difficult exercises, requiring more strength and sometimes better coordination and balance. This class is generally for the students who have had a few years of Pilates and know the basic principles fairly well. However, there are many modifications and the exercises are added with care and explanation that can make it accessible for the beginner. if you are unsure if you should try this class, email me your questions.

Who is it good for?

  • Athletes
  • Dancers
  • Teachers of Yoga and other fitness modalities
  • Pilates enthusiasts
  • Actors with lots of movement experience


  • W: 10 am – Intermediate Mat
  • W: 11 am – Intermediate Mat



Online Physical Actor

A group class that will warm you up for auditions, performances, presentations, and rehearsals or the general practice of speaking in public.

What do you need to be able to speak in public besides a fabulous idea and good text? Stage presence! You know this, but how do you practice it?

This class is for you if you speak in public fairly frequently and find yourself wondering about your body language and voice quality. We will warm up by engaging and stretching the large muscle groups and warming up the voice with different exercises including pitch range extension. Actors warm up their whole self by integrating body and mind. The Alexander Technique can offer insight on how to use your ’self’ in the most efficient and least destructive ways, especially when nerves and tensions are high.

Who is it good for?

  • Actors
  • Ted Talk presenters
  • Politicians
  • Vloggers
  • Anyone speaking in public


  • M: 11:30 – Contact Tess if interested to make sure class is being run



Online & Studio 1×1 Sessions

Designed for anyone! We will go over your needs and goals in detail and adjust your exercises every session. We can work slowly and build up as you get stronger. We can also use props and add exercises and adjust the difficulty levels when ready. If you own any of the smaller equipment, we can incorporate it into your workout. if you own a Reformer, I can teach you remotely or onsite at my studio space in West Concord, MA.

Who is it good for?

  • Everyone!


  • Available upon request Mondays through Fridays 11:30-6.


Please contact Tess to discuss your needs, schedule and pricing.

Classes at a Glance


  • 10 amBeginner Mat


  • 10 am – Beginner Mat – plus exercise ball or chair


  • 10 am – Intermediate Mat
  • 11 am – Intermediate Mat


  • 10 am – Beginner Mat  -small 3-5 lb. weights optional


  • 10 am – Beginner Mat


I was in awe of Tess’s ability to command a room and work together with different fitness levels at the same time. In other words, she can make each class as if you were the only one she was focusing on, not matter how many people are in the class. Her voice is so compelling that even without music, you could follow her detailed direction and her beautiful tonal quality had its own rhythm to keep you going. Tess always brought new fresh ideas to class. She would listen intently to each participant and would always come the next week armed with something new and challenging. She was able to push me to do more and each class which built upon the next. For example, the stretches and poses I could barely do the first year, come naturally to me now. I always told her my favorite-shirt should say “Body by Tess!”

Nancy M.