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Pilates & Body Work for a (More) Active Lifestyle

Starting a regular exercise routine does not have to be daunting or hard. Taking advantage of the current online class schedule, you can try a class that suits your needs. Whether you are planning to hike your favorite trail or garden/ snow shovel/ carry groceries etc without injuring your back, you need a simple but effective way to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and breath. Pilates can offer a great way to connect with your centering and supportive core muscles.
Pilates for a more active lifestyle

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I was in awe of Tess’s ability to command a room and work together with different fitness levels at the same time. In other words, she can make each class as if you were the only one she was focusing on, not matter how many people are in the class. Her voice is so compelling that even without music, you could follow her detailed direction and her beautiful tonal quality had its own rhythm to keep you going. Tess always brought new fresh ideas to class. She would listen intently to each participant and would always come the next week armed with something new and challenging. She was able to push me to do more and each class which built upon the next. For example, the stretches and poses I could barely do the first year, come naturally to me now. I always told her my favorite-shirt should say “Body by Tess!”

Nancy M.