Pilates & Body Work
with Tess Degen

Personal goals call for a personalized approach and creative solutions

Tess Degen has practiced as a trainer with Pilates and the Alexander Technique in NY and MA. She has taught dancers, actors, executives, and athletes as well as the less physically ambitious!

Tess teaches the Pilates mat and Reformer workouts online and at her studio space in West Concord, MA. Her background as a dancer, actor and Alexander teacher makes it possible for her to offer creative solutions for your exercise routine.

Pilates & Body Work for Actors and Presenters

Podiums & Stages

  • Got an audition coming up?
  • Presenting a TED Talk?
  • Your political speech needs impact?

Discover how movement and physical presence can be enhanced to improve the impact of your next presentation or performance.

Pilates & Body Work for Athletes

Courts & Fields

  • An athletic event coming up in your horizon?
  • Critical core muscles not where you need or want them to be?
  • Strength good but mobility not quite where it needs to be?

Classes and 1-on-1 sessions can improve overall performance.

Pilates & Body Work to Improve Lifestyle

Living Life

  • Your favorite hobby not your body’s favorite hobby?
  • You find common activities strenuous?

Increasing strength and mobility can reduce the strain of your favorite activities.

West Concord Pilates instructor Tess Degen

Meet Tess

Since she was a young girl, Tess has been fascinated by movement. Whereas some children mimic sounds, she mimic’ed motion. This has expressed itself through a continuum of a career in dance, the theater and body training.

Her background and her fascination makes her an excellent observer and teacher of others aspiring to greater mobility, strength and movement.

After winning a raffle six years ago for 3 private pilates sessions, I won a gift that I would not have even dreamed about: a way to get my body and mind back after dealing with several medical issues. To say I was “out of shape” was an understatement. I had no idea that this fun-loving and caring acquaintance of mine, was so well trained in The Alexander Technique and Pilates and other stretching modes of exercise that every one needs (although doesn’t bother to implement) in their daily life.

Nancy M.

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